The Textures of Thailand

Continuing with my Encaustic series on “Adornment,”; I painted a Thai woman with an ornate headdress encrusted with turquoise, coral and gold.

She is dressed in a contemporary dress with puff sleeves and embroidered designs. Her jewelry coordinates with her headdress and attire.

Some fun facts about the beautiful country of Thailand are that it is the world’s top producer of Orchids. Pythons get really big here, yet they are not venomous. It is routine for boys to spend time as novice monks, living at local temples.

One craze that has swept Thailand is that of the “Luk Thep” dolls or “child angels”. These dolls are lifelike and pampered as real children and blessed by monks, and believed to bring their families good luck.

Price: $1,500

Size: 24X18