A Holy Man of India

As I have traveled thru India and Nepal, I became enthralled with “Sadhus”, the translation is “holy man.”

Considered the holiest of beings in the faith of Hindu; they forsake material and worldly goods; albeit, they do consume Cannabis, some say a substance favored by Lord Shiva, the supreme God of India and Nepal.

These holy men shun all home comforts and often live in caves, forests and temples across India and Nepal. They rely on the generosity of others. There are four to five million Sadhus in both countries today and they are widely respected for their holiness.

Sadhus men usually cover themselves in ash or chalk and paint their faces in accordance with the God they have devoted themselves to.

They accept gifts of beads and ornamentation and people are fascinated as I am with their colorfulness and uniqueness.

Price: $1500
Size: 24×18