The Bees, the Flowers, the Bird and the Hive

 I love the sense of community all these beings represent; they live in harmony and sprinkle and bestow us with their beauty, song, and nectar.

The bee hive represented to the Greeks and Romans an ideal society and prosperity.

The hive also symbolizes spiritual unity.

The bee is dedicated and responsible; it creates nourishment from the pollen of the flowers, the precious nectar, which we as humans savor as the food of the gods, so to speak.

The bird is emblematic of good health, love, and truthfulness.

The flowers and the bees work in harmony and symbiotically as the bird sings its harmonious songs.

This painting will be showcased in my Penny Pollock Art one-woman show! October 12th, at Jeanie Edwards Gallery 223 South 4th St, Highlands, NC 28741.

Size: 22X22

Price: $1,200