PURA Vida or “The Simple Life”

PURA Vida is the unofficial motto of one of the happiest countries on earth;

COSTA RICA. PURA VIDA means that people need to be grateful for the things they do have in life instead of dwelling on the negative things they don’t.

After lockdown for so long, a visit to COSTA RICA was a blessed wonderment of fascinating bird and animal life.

The MONKEY reminds us of the importance of family or our special {Troop} as we travel through life. It shows us the connection to trees and how we may use our knowledge of nature as a support system.

The call of the SLOTH is to show us that we have the ability to slow down and to view life from a higher perspective.

The TOUCAN comes into our life to brighten it with more color.

It is time to lighten up and have fun!