Flowers, bees and the Honeycomb

“When the flowers blossom the Bees will come.”

I read this quote and I pondered its meaning for a while. This encaustic painting of mine is filled with the notion that I believe to be true; simply put; when we blossom; we attract good things into our lives.

The metaphors in this painting are as follows:
Flowers can only blossom in sunlight; thus this young maiden has them surrounding her head to remind us that we need light so that we may flourish.

The bees, remind us that flowers need light and bees need pollen to exist and provide the world with their precious nectar.
The Flower needs the Bee as the Bee needs the Flower; they Cary a symbiotic relationship.

The Honeycomb is considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of diligence, sociability, cleanliness, wisdom and creativity.
We as humans cannot thrive without these sacred elements of the natural world. 24×18 unframed. $1800.